3 reasons why ‘Theme homes’ are the new ‘Dream homes’

If the lyrics of the song ‘You are my theme for a dream’ is running on repeat mode through your head – and there is a skip to your step and twinkle in your eye – it probably is because you are on your way to becoming the proud owner of a ‘Dream-Theme-Home’.

And hum away, because Theme Homes are the hottest new Indian real estate trend and you are on your way to become one of an elite group of urban home dwellers.

Picture this – you walk out of the air-conditioned opulence of your designer home, straight into the midst of serene Amazon inspired greenery and soothing jungle sounds. Or you sit in your balcony sipping a glass of wine and a gondolier or two sails by, strumming wistful Italian melodies!

Wishful thinking aside – theme-based opulence is the new age reality if one has the means and appetite for it! Theme homes are all the rage nowadays and here are the top reasons why the smart and suave Indian homebuyers are lapping them up:

  • We don’t want ‘common’, we want ‘custom’

Swimming pools, badminton courts, saunas and gymnasiums are now basic amenities, and no longer set the gold standard in luxury housing! Today’s modern homebuyers want their wee-bit-of-paradise to be unique – unlike the plethora of run-of-the-mill brick and mortar establishments. The contemporary buyers want their dream-theme-homes to spell ‘custom’ and not ‘common’.

And why not! If you can have custom-made clothes, furniture, jewellery and shoes – is it too much to ask for your personal haven to reflect a tad bit of your aspirations, and love for luxurious finesse?

  • Consumer Spending Power raising the Real Estate bar

The marked economic uptrend now empowers buyers with deeper pockets and increased spending power. The thriving working population with large disposable incomes and evolving expectations, is constantly raising the bar for developers and builders across the country. With hefty bank balances and lucrative bank loan schemes to back them up, today’s home buyer is no longer hesitant to expect state-of-the-art luxury urban residences, showcasing popular themes and providing larger than life experiences!

  • Indian Lifestyle with Global standards

The well-travelled Indian now has exposure to global trends and international lifestyles, thanks to their foray into foreign lands – for both work and pleasure. The urban Indian buyer now wants to bring back and recreate a little bit of his travel experience and incorporate it into everyday living!

It’s not just ALL about the theme!

While theme-based homes do add a new dimension to luxury living, a word of caution to help you cut through the hype and ensure you are spending your hard-earned money on the right housing experience.

  • While the theme is the cherry on the cake, check for the essential baking ingredients as well. All necessary amenities should be non-negotiable
  • Most theme-based townships are planned and deployed in phases, so be prepared for the wait and unavoidable delays
  • Make sure you track the project closely. Often, there will be inevitable changes to the master plan, due to the sheer scale of such luxury projects. Make sure you have a say in what changes are planned for your home.

With the increased demand and acceptance by the contemporary homebuyers, theme-based homes are here to stay and rapidly transforming the face of Indian real estate! Go on – book yours while they are still affordable.

Some themes to choose from

  • The Roman opulence – Breathtakingly carved door and window arches, high rounded domes, mesmerising fountains and beautifully painted ceilings are the most eye-catching features of this style of theme-based homes
  • The Spanish Delight – Sound as it may, like a popular ice cream flavour, this style captures the essence of the early Spanish colonies. Fine villas with flavourful designs, relaxing porches and white walls – it is little wonder that we want to replicate this look, in our homes
  • The Egyptian mystery – ‘Walk-like-an-Egyptian’ may become your lifestyle, if you choose to live in an Egyptian Themed house. From idols of deities to The Pantheon and stylized artwork – you will be transported back to life in Ancient Egypt
  • The Mediterranean elegance– Mediterranean-themed houses exhibit open styles – large exterior windows, a low-pitched-tiled roof, and stucco or brick siding. Open plazas and lavish courtyards are the most distinctive characteristic of this home theme
  • The Green Mile – For the nature lover in you – real estate now manages to combine the marvels of our natural habitat and architecture, with simple elegance. Integrating natural elements like water bodies, green roofs, indigenous plants, lush gardens and clean air – your home will unite effortlessly with the environment, and leave you feeling very ‘Zen’
  • Disney Fairy Land – Last but not the least, the very name suggests how this theme-based home will bring a little of the Walt Disney reel life, into real life. Disney theme-based homes are a truly enthralling experience, for children and adults alike, as Disney was and always will be a fundamental part of our growing-up years, for generations to come.

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