5 Great Interior Design Apps to Help Renovate Your Home

Modernisation and digitalisation have revolutionised most areas of our lives. Home renovation and interior design is one of them. Where once we relied on design magazines and interior designers for inspiration and ideas, we can now digitally plan and design/renovate our homes through innumerable Apps at the touch of a finger! Instead of hiring expensive interior designers/firms to do the job, we can now execute our vision for our homes ourselves, for a fraction of the cost!

There are a multitude of Interior Design Apps that can be used for ideas and inspiration. Most of these offer similar features in varying degrees – from creating a floor plan, choosing paint and wall finishes, furniture placement and accessorising – for a complete home renovation experience. Many of the Apps have online shops through which you can source the materials you choose. Most basic versions are free and offer features that can keep amateur designers busy for a long time! Paid Pro versions offer premium memberships and more detailed customisation.

Here are 5 Apps to get you started!

Houzz – Dubbed the ‘Wikipedia’ of interior design by CNN, Houzz deserves to be at the top of your list! Whether you’re building a new home, renovating or decorating, Houzz has you covered! It has a browsing library of 16 million+ high-res images of interiors and exteriors to provide inspiration for your dream space planning! Users can share and annotate these photos and shop from over 10 million products featured on their site. They can read reviews and save from featured sales. To top it all, the View in My Room 3D feature allows you to see what products would look like in your space! This App would indeed be a 5-star addition to your design arsenal!

Planner 5D – A comprehensive design App that allows you to create floor plans and design layouts in 2D as well as 3D mode. You can also edit colours, patterns and materials to create unique furniture, floors, walls etc. and adjust furniture dimensions to fit in your chosen space. The Snapshots feature allows you to turn your design into a photo, complete with light, shadow and realistic colours! It also has a catalogue of 3000+ items that you can choose from furniture to appliances and allows you to share your work with family and friends. Find everything you need to design your dream home at your fingertips!

IKEA Place

An App for every IKEA addict  – and let’s face it – who isn’t?! The App allows you to ‘virtually’ place your Ikea products in your space. All you need to do is scan your selected space making sure it’s well lit. Then pick a 3D or true-to-scale model of your chosen product from the available selection (anything from armchairs to sofas, footstools and coffee tables etc.), and place it in the room. Ikea claims that the dimension, design and functionality of the products on offer is 98% accurate, so you can easily see if your furniture finds will look good in your space, without having to make the trek down to the store. The App also lets you share your newly created ‘Place’ through WhatsApp and/or Instagram and order your products through the IKEA Store. The App is being upgraded, so look out for the latest version and get started on your special space!


MagicPlan takes care of the numbers for you. Take a photo of your space and this App will turn it into a floor plan complete with measurements. Then you can upload a picture of any furniture that you’d like to place in your space and MagicPlan will tell you how much space the product will take in your room. You can then share your photos in  PDF, JPG, and DXF formats with design professionals. We’ve all had those moments in the store, when we fall in love with a piece of furniture but can’t be sure if it will fit the space we have in mind! With this App, those worries are a thing of the past!

Colour with Asian Paints

We all know how important the walls of our home are! Paint colours and textured wall finishes can make or break the ambience of any space. Choosing the right paint and texture can be confusing and overwhelming given the many choices available in the market. Thankfully Asian Paints has stepped in and created an App that provides quick and easy solutions. The App has all 1800 shades of paint available from the brand and textures too. There are pictures of curated room shots that allow you to visualise the paint/texture on a wall and decide if it fits your needs. Most importantly, you can take a picture of your own space and then try the various colours and texture combinations on the walls and save and share the picture! Now if this doesn’t make you decide to get around to painting that living room wall you always meant to – I don’t know what will!

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