A 9-point checklist you can’t go wrong with during a site visit

Even as real estate goes online, there is an important aspect of buying a property that you shouldn’t skip – site visits. Before you sign the dotted line it’s important to go and check the property and verify the builders claims. A site visit will also give you a good feel of what the property actually is like and how convenient will it be for you to live there. As you head over to inspect your shortlisted properties, here is a checklist that tells you what to look for:

  • Approvals: Ask the builder for property documentation and necessary approvals – they have a file onsite. Get a copy of the documents and get an expert to verify them for you.

Question to Ask: What’s the status of approvals on this property?   

  • Construction progress: This is the most important aspect to verify for under construction properties. Check the timelines given by the builder in their brochure and match that with the work already done. It’ll give you an insight in to the likelihood of delay in possession.

Question to Ask: When do you think we will get the possession? Do you expect any delays?

  • Construction quality: Make sure you are getting what you paid for. The quality of construction determines the life expectancy of your house. Ask about the quality of materials used – from cement to tiles to electrical and drainage. Not sure about self-inspection, take a building inspector along to dig out even hidden flaws.

Question to Ask: Can you give us a list of building materials used and their brands?

  • Layout and interiors: The site visit helps you to verify if the architectural design and interior modelling matches the blueprint that you liked or if you have already bought the property – approved. If you had any extra demands like fall ceilings, skylight, etc. make sure they are fitted properly. Here is a handy inspection checklist to make sure you cover everything from ventilation to plumbing.

Question to Ask: What has changed vs. the original plan and why?

  • Phone Connectivity: Several properties face mobile connectivity issues due to tower proximity issues. Make sure you receive a good uninterrupted network across the entire house.

Question to Ask: Does the property get network from all key mobile service providers?

  • Safety and Security: Check if the building is equipped with fire alarms, escape routes, CCTV cameras, security guards, and other safety features for a safe living.

Question to Ask: What are the provisions for security and surveillance in the premises?

  • Amenities: Check if facilities such as parking space, club house, swimming pool, gym, community hall, supermarket, etc. showcased in the brochure have been provided and to the same specifications. See if there is any delay in constructing the amenities.

Question to Ask: What amenities are yet to be built and when can they be expected to be completed?

  • Cost of maintenance: As amenities increase so does the cost of maintenance. It also depends on factors such as locality and quality of living. Clarify with the builder beforehand about the maintenance charges and ascertain if it is worth the facilities you are receiving.

Question to Ask: What is the maintenance charge per sq. ft. area?

  • The locality: A book is judged by its cover. Similarly, a house is judged by its surrounding. Personally verify if the neighbourhood is safe and friendly and is worth making an investment in. Check for good roads, functioning streetlights, clean drainage system, lack of street dogs etc. Here are some of the things you should check for in the locality>>

Question to Ask: Is the neighbourhood safe and well connected?

A site visit helps you pick the house you desire and not the one the builder tosses over to you. It can be overwhelming and confusing to check for all these factors in one visit. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and arrange for as many site visits as you’d like.

So what are you waiting for? Get online and let Zaasna arrange a site visit to your preferred properties.

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