Décor Trends 2019

Every New Year we set new goals & challenges for ourselves in several fields of our life. Many among us also aspire to change the look of our homes to keep up with the latest trends in décor and interior design.  In general, the new year is heading toward a warm and close-to-Nature, organic vibe. Here are some of the main décor trends that we can expect in 2019.

Eco-Friendly Décor

Green’ homes are now an established trend and the way of the future. Conscious homeowners are now decorating their homes while leaving behind a minimal carbon footprint. Décor that includes recycled or up cycled material is desirable. Integrating energy saving appliances and live plant walls are very much on trend. Integrating plants is the easiest way to turn your home ‘clean & green’! Whether you use them in pots around your home or go for an entire live plant wall – plants add that relaxing, soothing atmosphere that turn your space into your sanctuary!


Keeping in mind the general trend toward nature and ‘Green’ homes, shades of beige, green, oranges, reds and yellow will be popular. Colours will be warm, impactful, yet more subtle than in 2018 and will enhance the cosiness of the home. Every year, The Pantone Colour Institute releases a colour of the year that sets the trends in fashion and décor. This year’s colour, “Living Coral”, is a vibrant yet mellow shade that offers warmth and comfort in our constantly chaotic and changing environment.

Green can be introduced through plants as well as through soft shades of paint on the walls of living spaces as well as bedrooms to create an invitingly cool and relaxed atmosphere. Tones of red, oranges and yellow can be used as pops of colours in artwork & accessories against a more neutrally warm, beige and white palette of paint and woodwork.

Geometric & Tribal Prints

Use these prints on fabric and/or paper to add warmth even to most minimal of rooms. Use them on cushions, linens, rugs and throws or framed in miniature prints, in ceramics, light fixtures or as upholstery on a single chair to make a statement. These can be easily changed out when the trend passes or you tire of it.

Boho Is Back

Bohemian Chic is a textured, layered style that focuses on individuality and spirit. It is unexpected, bold and draws on diverse cultures from Moroccan to European as well as hippie and gypsy culture. Woven wicker armchairs with soft cushions and throws alongside curved sofas with rounded edges in soft fabrics are a staple. Mixing fabrics, patterns and textures is the way to go in Boho. Be adventurous but start small, with cushions, rugs and prints before going for large furniture pieces.

Convertible Urban Dwellings

Space is at a premium in India and keeping on trend with the move toward smaller, compact and efficient homes – multipurpose use of spaces and furniture is one of the most fascinating trends in 2019. Movable walls, multi-purpose built-in’s and modern takes on wall beds, are all ways in which to incorporate both practicality and great design into your home in the new year. Juxtaposed with the trend of compact urban spaces, stylish furnishings that can adapt to different spaces and needs and fit into challenging rooms will also be on trend in 2019.

Trendy Terrazzo

Terrazzo is a composite material consisting of chips of marble, quartz, granite, and glass to form wonderfully unique abstract patterns. It can be used for many décor ideas from flooring, bathrooms, countertops, to lamps and even as a print on fabric and paper.

Statement Ceilings

These are making a comeback in a big way! Whether wall-papered or painted, lacquered or moulded, ceilings can make a dramatic visual impact within a room. They are also much better and innovative conversation starters that the now common accent walls. A well imagined and well treated ceiling can make a room appear brighter, larger and more interesting.

Curved Furniture

Curved furniture lends a subtle touch of grace and elegance to any room and softening the rigid feel of sharp surfaces with its round edges. Curves can be seen in rugs, table-tops, light fixtures etc as well and can be easily incorporated into your home decor for the new year. Even a single curved furnishing – a chair, a rug, a bench can add that unexpected element to your room.

Statement Pieces

Statement pieces like unique shelving, pendant lamps, oversized headboards in the bedroom and decorative mirrors are also on trend, as are decorating with words and fresh flowers.

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