Evaluating Amenities

What is an ‘Amenity’?

Amenities are loosely defined as property features that make property more appealing to buyers and/or tenants. Nowadays, builders/developers of large scale residential developments use long lists of amenities as an effective marketing strategy, to attract and influence buyers and investors. It has almost become a competition of sorts to see which new project is offering the latest amenities!

How do I Choose?

Although it is easy to get carried away by these long, attractive lists, it is more important to remember that amenities will add to the maintenance costs of your home and home owners may find themselves paying for facilities they never use! When buying a home, it is important to discuss which amenities you need and which ones are optional. There is no one rule since every family is unique and will decide based on their needs and their budgets. Basic amenities such as parking spaces and power backup, are definite plus points and can significantly increase resale value, while others though enjoyable may not be considered ‘essential’.

While evaluating amenities, consider your personal needs, preferences and budget. Go for those options that are affordable, available and fit your needs! Here is a list of amenities to start you off.

Essential/Basic Amenities – These are available in most residential projects and are the basic needs of every family.

  • Car parking
  • Security
  • Water supply
  • Power backup
  • 24-hour maintenance
  • Elevators

Optional Amenities – These are usually available in large, upmarket, self-sufficient projects that cater to the high-end urban investors. These facilities can often mean a higher-than-average maintenance cost and can also affect resale value of the property negatively in times of an economic slump since they are generally costlier to maintain.

  • Play Area
  • Gym
  • Game rooms and Indoor Gymnasium
  • Tennis Courts
  • Party Hall
  • Club house
  • Walking/Jogging track
  • Swimming pool
  • Rooftop garden
  • Open deck
  • Sky lounge
  • Medical Clinic
  • Day Care Centre
  • Spa and salon
  • Concierge services
  • Restaurants
  • Place for worship
  • Cinema hall
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Utility shops – Grocery, Pharmacy, Laundry etc.

Make a Smart Choice!

While essential amenities are a must for most buyers, the optional list is at their discretion. They can pick and choose projects that have what they need and still fall within their budget. Always remember that while lists may look attractive on paper, ground realities may be very different! Developers have been known to hide shoddy construction and faulty planning under a long list of fancy facilities! Long-term quality of all amenities is ultimately dependent on maintenance and it is not surprising to see older properties with poorly maintained facilities! Make an informed decision and choose wisely!

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