Hygge – Embrace the hot new design trend

What is a home if not your safe place? A home is a place where you are most comfortable, a space that’s your refuge at the end of a long day, a medley of familiar things and smells that help you relax and unwind. We all add our personal touches to our homes, adding décor that reflects our personalities and appeals to our aesthetics. But did you know home décor could also have a significant impact on your mood? It’s true! Which is why the concepts of Vaastu, Feng-shui, and recently the KonMarie method are so effective. They arrange the space to let positive energies flow. A hot new trend in happy home décor is Hygge.

The Hygge Life

A Danish word, Hygge (pronounced hue-gah) can be roughly translated as enjoying the simple things in life. Originally a Norwegian term for wellbeing, Hygge as a design concept embraces cosiness and an enjoyment of the environment around you. What’s been a lifestyle for the Danish since the 18th century has now become a coveted trend internationally! 

Hygge is more a feeling or a mood that encompasses every moment that makes one feel better – it could be sinking in to a cosy couch, taking a hot bath, reading a book, or waking up to sublime smells. Hygge negates the idea that you need to escape from the every day life to relax. It promotes the idea that small changes in everyday environment can reduce stress and improve wellbeing.

Hygge your home with these simple decor tips:

Clutter is the enemy of wellbeing. The main idea of Hygge decor is simplicity and comfort – using colours, textures and light to create a serene, clutter free space. Think of it as your own personal Zen space!

Here are 5 simple ways in which you can embrace the Hygge life through décor.

  • Choose neutral colours

Bright colours can be jarring to the atmosphere of peace we are aiming for with Hygge. The colour scheme should not be overwhelming. Neutral colour palettes using light greys, browns, and creams along with pastel shades can help create a relaxing space.

  • Think comfort in everything  

With comfort as the central theme, cosy nooks, snug couches, fluffy pillows, soft blankets and throws are key components of a Hygge décor. Create spaces where you can unwind. Pick your favourite spot by the window and make it a cushioned haven. Add a comforter to your favourite chair and relax with a cup of hot chocolate.

  • Think warmth and fragrance

Candles are a very important part of Hygge décor. In fact Scandinavian countries are rumoured to be one of the largest consumers of candles in the world! The soft, warm glow of candles imbued with your favourite scent make the perfect setting for a relaxing evening. Add candles in various places all over your home to create a warm radiance – as centrepieces, in the bathroom, on the bedside table. Choose elegant designs and unique fragrances that comfort you – think coffee, rose, mint, chocolate etc. Opt for soft fragrances and avoid overpowering ones.

  • Add some cheer with twinkly lights

A string of fairy lights draped along a curtain, bright stars dropping down from the ceiling, or rows of twinkly lights giving your patio a festive feel – go all out and highlight your home with these little jewels that look great anywhere! Hygge décor incorporates twinkly lights for the joy and cheer they bring to an otherwise neutral room without being overwhelming. Choose plain yellow bulbs, not a string of multi-coloured LEDs, to intensify the warmth effect of the candles.

  • Play with texture

Add interest to a minimalist design with texture. Play with natural materials such as wood, wool, fabric, and floral arrangements. Use lush fabrics such as chunky knits, faux fur, and fluffy wool to highlight some pieces such as cushions and rugs. Layer textures to create your own style. Add some statement with a minimal pop of colour. In the warm yellow glow, these elements will come to life for the ultimate Hygge experience.  

Ultimately, Hygge is about the simple things in life. You don’t have to re-do your entire house; small additions can make a big difference. And remember, more than things, Hygge is about moments. So take a deep breath, treat yourself to your favourite drink, take a long bath listening to some music – do things that lift your mood and revel in tiny moments.

Let’s Hygge!

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