Women Home Buyers – A Checklist

As modern Indian women become increasingly financially independent & stable, they are investing in the real estate market, an area that has been traditionally male-dominated. Conscious of these rising numbers, developers and banks have finally begun to take notice and introduce schemes and incentives to encourage women buyers. Women need to educate themselves and research all the available schemes and options before committing to invest. This checklist contains important points that women must consider before investing in real estate.

1BHK: smart investment option or a faux pas?

The exponential growth of India’s real estate industry is not only highly evident, but also a by-product of the expansion of its metropolitan cities. Young working professionals and students find studio apartments or 1bhks’ highly convenient in more ways than one. They do not require as much maintenance and encourage a minimalistic way of living. Overall, this translates into less costs, but that’s not the only advantage of smaller homes.Here’s why a 1BHK makes for a good investment: