Commercial Real Estate Investment in India – A Beginner’s Guide

Investing in real estate is a great way to build wealth, and investing in commercial real estate, in particular, provides higher returns than investing in residential property. Whether you want to invest in commercial property for self-use or rental yield, it is a decision which while not difficult, must be made after thorough research of the market in general and the selected property in particular.

1BHK: smart investment option or a faux pas?

The exponential growth of India’s real estate industry is not only highly evident, but also a by-product of the expansion of its metropolitan cities. Young working professionals and students find studio apartments or 1bhks’ highly convenient in more ways than one. They do not require as much maintenance and encourage a minimalistic way of living. Overall, this translates into less costs, but that’s not the only advantage of smaller homes.Here’s why a 1BHK makes for a good investment:

Real Estate in India – The Road Ahead

The Indian real estate market has been through a period of tumultuous change in the last few years. Demonetisation, the introduction of RERA and GST have fundamentally changed the way business is conducted. As the real estate market changes to cope with these changing customer needs and expectations, those that can offer affordable housing with ‘smart home’ benefits will benefit. The overall real estate market in India is expected to touch USD 1 trillion by 2030, becoming the third largest globally, according to a recent survey.